Impact investing

We’re proud to invest in impact-driven organisations, projects and funds.

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Business as a force for good

We allocate a portion of our capital for investment in impact-driven organisations, projects and funds that are expected to deliver both social and commercial returns - and that align to one of both of our objectives:


Help educate young people from under-resourced communities, at scale - preparing them for the workforce of the future

We do this by supporting organisations that target young people from under-resourced communities and either:

  • Directly contribute to increasing the number of educated young people; or
  • Provide technology/scale that will multiply impact to a large number of young people.


Help business to be a force for good

We support organisations that:

  • Generate substantial leverage, enabling a greater proportion of society or businesses to contribute to being a force for good; or
  • Have a ripple or catalytic effect, demonstrating a high degree of innovation that is expected to pave the way for other people or organisations to follow suit, and therefore have far-reaching impact in being a force for good.

We are willing to accept commercial returns from impact investments up to 20% less than the risk-adjusted return we would expect from an equivalent purely-commercial investment opportunity.

Please note: We work with an investment advisor, Australian Impact Investments. Due to resourcing and funding constraints, we do not accept unsolicited proposals for impact investments.

Impact portfolio

We're proud to invest in these impact-driven organisations and funds.

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Australian Unity Specialist Disability Accommodation Fund

The Australian Unity Specialist Disability Accommodation Fund invests in residential properties which are designed and built for people with disabilities.

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Forte provides a new way to fund education and training. We’re putting world-class opportunities within reach of everyone, no matter where they live or what their financial position may be.

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Giant Leap

Giant Leap is Australia's first venture capital fund that is 100% dedicated to investing in impact startups.

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Humanitix’s business model aims to disrupt the ticketing industry by redirecting the profits generated by billions of dollars in booking fees into education programs for disadvantaged students.

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Ngutu College

Ngutu College is an independent, not-for-profit, socially-just K-12 college based in Kaurna Country (South Australia).

Patamar logo


The Patamar Fund II is a venture capital fund with the dual mission of improving livelihoods of low-income communities and providing strong financial returns.

Percent logo


Percent is building the most efficient global donation infrastructure, accessible via an API, to make building purpose and ESG into digital products as easy as just a few lines of code.

SOSV logo


SOSV is a global venture capital firm that operates early stage startup development programs in hardware, life sciences, cross-border internet, future of food, and blockchain.

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Tenacious Ventures

Tenacious Ventures is Australia’s first and only dedicated agrifood tech VC firm. They lead early-stage investments to help agrifood tech startups grow.