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"The future of every child is at stake without a quality education for all. As governments struggle with constrained budgets, cuts to education funding are amplifying a pre-existing global learning crisis. EOF’s approach, anchored by the transformative impact of outcomes funding, creates programs that are cost-effective, inspire innovation, and most importantly, measurably improve the quality of education for children and youth."

Dr. Amel Karboul
CEO, Education Outcomes Fund

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The Education Outcomes Fund (EOF) is an ambitious effort to significantly improve learning and employment outcomes by tying funding to measurable results. Through a partnership model, EOF brings together governments, donors, implementing partners, and investors to achieve concrete targets for learning, skill development, and employment. Using its global platform, EOF is scaling up results-based financing in education, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of spending and transforming the lives of 10 million children and youth.

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$60m+ USD

in outcomes funding is targeted through the launch of EOF’s proof-of-concept programs

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young people across two countries will access improved education as a result of EOF’s first two programs

Partnership programs with Atlassian Foundation

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Atlassian supports EOF in lauching programs in Ghana and in Sierra Leone

The Foundation is working closely with the Education Outcomes Fund to support the launch of their programs in Ghana and in Sierra Leone as well as collaborating on EOF’s next programs, supporting scoping of the development pipeline for an additional future 3-4 programs, and working to scale EOF’s institutional capacity. 

Atlassian Foundation was proud to support the establishment of EOF’s hosting arrangement with UNICEF; EOF joined the United Nations family as an independent hosted trust fund in September 2020.

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EOF & Atlassian team up to improve learning and employment outcomes through data

The Education Outcomes Fund (EOF) is an ambitious effort to significantly improve learning and employment outcomes by tying funding to measurable results. Measuring results requires defining objectives and key results for each partner across all education programs. 

Paul Slade Director, Atlassian Foundation Board, and Arik Friedman, Principal Data Scientist, are helping EOF with the framework required to define these OKRs and collect the data from partners involved on the ground with schools and other institutions.

Paul notes: “This has been a great engagement, bringing Atlassian skills in user experience, data modelling, goal setting, data collection and reporting to the table.”

So far the team has worked with EOF to define a candidate data model for goals and measures of success. The next step for EOF is to work with their partner network on how they can collect the right local data to measure progress.

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Dr Amel Karboul

Chief Executive Officer

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